I believe that sport is a
three-dimensional view of life:

it holds emotions, competition
and strategies.

These are the key words that describe challenges and opportunities
in most of the business industries: I use the sport philosophy
as a strategic way to approach different businesses.
Michela Gilli


Zest11 Limited is a Marketing and Strategic advising agency,
based in London, working worldwide.

As our clients we are dynamic, flexible and hunters of excellence.
We network for Special Projects with the most talented people and greatest names within the business industry.



Athletes Image Management #assist

On the court, the challenge for a top athlete is to maximise performance and results in short time. Off the court, they are individual companies facing the marketing business, where challenges are more complicated.
We assist top athletes when they have to make crucial decisions that will affect their public image and their career.
We know how to leverage their images thanks to a dedicated press office and a customised commercial strategy that makes them profitable.
We create and manage for each of our professional athletes a bespoken communication platform that makes them unmissable assets for successful companies in the industry and leaders in their communities.


  • Commercial rights negotiation: sponsorship and licensing
  • Sports and Lifestyle Press Office
  • Image Management
  • Social media and digital channel management
  • Crisis Management

Consulting #drive

Sport is an incredible drive to engage fans and customers as well as to increase companies values.
We advice brands in creating their best strategy in sponsorships, with testimonials, in managing their own events and communication campaigns.


  • Testimonials scouting and selection
  • Contracting and negotiation with leagues and clubs
  • Advertising campaign: from brainstorming to execution
  • Event management
  • Activations and players appearances
  • ROI analisys


More than rare #beunique

What’s make a product a luxury product?
We love creating and developing brand identities.
We want the consumer to be engaged, understand and appreciate your exclusivity.
Our mantra is authentic Storytelling:
We believe that the key concept is to engage customers to unique brands and core values.
Collaborative storytelling:
We combine your story and your customers feedback to go beyond any communication reach.

Engineer your strategy #advancedanalytics

The need for companies and organisations to measure the effectiveness of their investments in communication is becoming one of the key factors to correctly build marketing strategies and reduce capital waste. We are strategists and assessing your business we are able not only to evaluate the Return Of Investment for marketing and communication activities, but we can design research models that will provide you the data and information you really need, aligned to your unique business, brand and sales objectives.


  • Research model architecture
  • Consumer journey: customers and fan base behaviours analysis
  • Predictive analysis
  • Bespoke dashboards
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing partnerships: we support you in identifying how to position your business in an ultra-connected world

PR and Press Office


We adapt the message to the local culture


We support brands in positioning their products and services, we fine tune the conversation with media, on-line and off-line and we amplify through PR, social, digital channel to engage HNW and UHNW audiences across the world.


We lead the message in complexity


We respect and protect the privacy of our clients
and we don’t use them to advertise ourselves.

If you’re interested in knowing our best case histories,
please contact us: ask@zest11.com


Zest11 Limited
3rd Floor
207 Regent Street
London, England, W1B 3HH

Registered in United Kingdom, number: 9380324

Founder and Director: Michela Gilli